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Award Winning Designs

A Designer with a Keen Eye for Beauty

My tenure of over a decade as a product designer for my family business wasn't just a job; it was a period of immersion in the art of the jewellery industry. This experience has honed my ability to understand what works aesthetically and what resonates emotionally. I'm proud to say I have achieved multiple award winning designs, and have many of my jewellery designs being sold in some of the most popular jewellery stores all over the UK.

I believe that a beautiful piece of jewellery is not just about the materials used but about the story it tells and the emotion it evokes. There are so many simple ways to add your personality, and a line from your personal story to each piece.

A Passion for Unique and Personal Jewellery

My passion lies in discovering and working with unusual, natural gemstones – from uniquely cut diamonds to bi-colour sapphires. I'm drawn to the unique, but not without ensuring the design is timeless, as can be seen in The Signature Collection.

My designs often feature classic elements with a personal twist, reflecting the individuality of those who wear them. I understand that jewellery is deeply personal, and my aim is to create pieces that are as unique and special as the individuals who will cherish them.

Precision and Passion: A Libra's Eye for Detail and Harmony

Continuing the narrative of dedication and excellence, it's important to note that I am someone who upholds the highest standards in every piece I craft. My commitment to quality is uncompromising – if it’s not something I would proudly wear or present to my loved ones, it’s not good enough for my clients. This ethos is central to my work ethic and design philosophy.

Attention to detail is not just a phrase for me; it’s the cornerstone of my craftsmanship. Every aspect of the design must be perfect, reflecting a harmonious balance that pleases both the eye and the soul. Being a Libra, I have an innate inclination towards symmetry and aesthetic harmony. This intrinsic trait drives me to ensure that every element of a piece, no matter how small, works in unison to create something truly extraordinary. It’s this meticulous approach that ensures the jewellery I create isn't just exquisite but also embodies a sense of balance and elegance that resonates on a deeper level.

Beauty and Ethics should go hand in hand. As with all of my jewellery, design doesn't outweigh the need for my jewellery to be ethically and sustainably made. You can rest assured ethics and sustainability come as standard.

I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for considering Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery for your bespoke jewellery needs. It’s my passion to bring your ideas to life and to be a part of your special moments. I look forward to the opportunity to create something truly extraordinary for you.
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