The Bespoke Jewellery Journey

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Step 1: The Initial Consultation

Let's Chat

The bespoke journey begins with an initial consultation, a crucial step tailored to your convenience, whether it's a phone call, video call, email, or even a chat on WhatsApp. It's your choice, as your experience should be as unique as the jewellery we're going to create.

During this conversation, I delve into a fact-finding mission. I want to understand the essence of your jewellery, your preferences, and the ultimate vision you have for your perfect piece. Creating a Bespoke Engagement Ring should be a special experience. If it's a surprise, I'll be inquisitive about the recipient, and a photograph of them can be a wonderful starting point to comprehend their style and personality.

Designing Bespoke Jewellery

Step 2: Design and Creation

Get Creative

The jewellery design journey is a captivating process that evolves from a sketch into an easy to understand 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) image.

This transformation allows for a vivid visualization of your jewellery, providing you the opportunity to make any alterations early in the process, before committing to the final design. We engage in a collaborative back-and-forth of images and revisions until you're completely satisfied.

Once the design reaches its final form, it's brought to life using 3D printing to create a wax model. This model can be examined, a crucial step if you still have any doubts about the design. Subsequently, it's cast into your chosen metal. Skilled goldsmiths then take over, meticulously assembling, crafting, and polishing the piece. They set any stones you've chosen, and perform a final polish to ensure your custom jewellery gleams with perfection. Quality checks are performed, from verifying the finger size to ensuring all stones are securely set. Following these meticulous processes, your jewellery is exquisitely packaged in one of our luxury yet eco-friendly Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery boxes, ready for secure courier delivery.

Step 3: Unveiling Your Masterpiece

The Best Bit

The moment we've all been waiting for arrives when your bespoke piece is unveiled. It will arrive in a discreet, unassuming package, perfect for maintaining any surprises. Should you need it delivered on a specific day to assist in your secret plans, we can certainly arrange that too. I find great joy in hearing about your reactions when you receive your completed piece, especially when it's a surprise. Please do keep me updated when you've presented your special creations—I love to see the photos and share in your delight.

Ready to turn your ideas into reality?

Tell me all about your plans. Do you have a family heiloom you'd like to breathe a new lease of life into? Or maybe you'd like some help tracking down the perfect diamond to create a really special engagement ring?

Please let me know all the details below, and I'll come back to you shortly to begin the exciting bespoke process, and arrange our intial no-obligation chat.

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Some popular questions..

How long does it take to make a piece of bespoke jewellery?

The process to make a piece of bespoke jewellery can vary, depending on the amount of time it takes for you to be 100% happy with the design & source the perfect stones.
Usually we can get to the point of signing off the design within 1-2 weeks. From then on it will usually be 4-5 weeks for your one of a kind piece of jewellery to be completed.

How much does it cost to make a piece of bespoke jewellery?

When creating a unique piece of jewellery I always work to keep the costs within your budget. Of course there is a minimum cost when creating a something using fine metals and diamonds, however you won't pay any more for my assistance in designing something just for you than you would buying something already made.
18ct gold or platinum stone set items usually start from around £1500.

Can I design a ring using a diamond I already have?

If you would like to use a diamond you already have as part of an Heirloom piece, or a new diamond you already have its not a problem. I can of course design a bespoke piece for you using your own stone. Before beginning this process I will always examine your stone to ensure there aren't any flaws or damage to the stone that could jeopardise your stone in the setting process.

How involved can I be in the design process?

You can be as involved as you'd like to be in the design process. If you are creative or have an eye for design I'd welcome your creative input. Whether this is a sketch or pictures you'd like to provide. I will always provide CAD images, but if you'd like to see a wax model of your item before committing to making it from gold or platinum it can be arranged.
Alternatively, if you don't have a creative bone in your body I can provide as many images as needed for you to be sure of the vision.

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