Collection: Diamond Eternity Rings in Platinum and Gold

Diamond Eternity rings have long stood as a cornerstone of every jewellery collection. A platinum diamond eternity ring ranks among our top choices, making it a perfect anniversary gift.
Take your pick from our unusual eternity rings and classic eternity styles crafted using 18ct gold or platinum, all individually made by a talented team of goldsmiths right here in Birmingham. If you seek something more distinctive, seize the opportunity of our bespoke service to design something truly one-of-a-kind.

Eternity Ring FAQ's

What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is a symbol of unending love and commitment, typically given on a significant anniversary or life event. At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, we adore the sentiment behind eternity rings and the beauty they represent.

Eternity Rings for women are traditionally characterised by a continuous line of identically cut diamonds or gemstones set around the entire band, eternity rings signify a never-ending cycle of love and the enduring nature of a relationship. In the modern era, eternity rings have evolved to embrace more unique and personalised elements. At our workshop, we love crafting eternity rings that incorporate unusual shaped stones, birthstones, or other elements that tell a unique story. These modern interpretations allow couples to infuse their rings with personal significance – whether it's a birthstone representing a child or a gem that holds special meaning to their relationship.

Eternity rings are often worn alongside the engagement and wedding rings, but they're also stunning when worn alone. Each ring tells its own story of love, commitment, and the special moments that define a relationship.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, the birth of a child, or simply want to reaffirm your love, an eternity ring from Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery is a beautiful way to mark these cherished milestones. Our UK-made eternity rings are crafted with care and precision, ensuring they're as unique and timeless as your love.

Why are Eternity Rings given?

Eternity Rings are given as a token of a special relationship. Usually as a gift for a special wedding anniversary or birth of a child, however not always.

I also get asked to create eternity rings as a symbol of commitment before an engagement ring, or in place of an engagement or wedding ring for those couples who want to show their love but aren't interested in getting married.

It’s your story, so you can tell it anyway that suits you. There’s always a good excuse for diamonds in my opinion!

When do you get an Eternity Ring?

Wondering when the right time is to get an eternity ring? At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, we see eternity rings as beautiful symbols to commemorate special milestones in a relationship.

Traditionally, eternity rings are given to celebrate significant anniversaries or life events, like the birth of a child. However, there's no strict rule. Some couples choose to exchange eternity rings after one year of marriage, while others might wait for a milestone like their 10th or 25th anniversary.

The key is that an eternity ring represents enduring love and the ongoing journey of a couple's relationship. Whether it's to mark a year together or decades, the right time for an eternity ring is whenever it feels meaningful for you and your partner.

And remember, at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, we specialise in creating unique, UK-made eternity rings that can be personalised to your story. So, whenever you decide the time is right, we're here to help you celebrate that moment in style.

What finger do you wear an Eternity Ring on?

Wondering which finger to wear your eternity ring on? It’s often suggested to wear it on the fourth finger of your left hand, alongside your engagement and wedding rings. This traditional placement symbolises the eternal love and commitment in your relationship.

However, just like every piece of jewellery we create, the choice is deeply personal. Some prefer to wear their eternity ring on the right hand for comfort or style, or even on a different finger altogether. The beauty of an eternity ring lies in its symbolism and personal significance, so choose the finger that feels right for you.

Remember, whether you're pairing it with other rings or letting it shine on its own, your eternity ring is a celebration of a special bond. And if you're looking for something truly unique, we specialise in crafting bespoke eternity rings right here in the UK, designed to reflect your personal love story.

Explore Diamond, Gemstone & Custom Eternity Ring Styles   

Whether you choose to wear your eternity ring alongside your wedding ring and engagement ring as a set, as a diamond set wedding band, or as a right hand ring there's an option for everyone. And as with other types of jewellery there is no right or wrong answer!

In the realm of jewellery, eternity rings have become a lasting favourite. The platinum diamond eternity ring, in particular, stands out as a symbol of everlasting love, making it a popular choice for those special anniversary milestones.
Eternity rings are adored for their continuous circle of gems, symbolising a love that knows no bounds – a perfect reflection of the eternal journey of togetherness.

The Platinum Diamond Eternity Ring: A Timeless Choice

Among our top selections is the platinum diamond eternity ring, a symbol of everlasting love and a perfect choice for special anniversaries. Crafted with precision and adorned with diamonds, this ring epitomizes love's eternal journey.

Explore Unique Styles: Unusual, Emerald Cut, and Rose Gold Eternity Rings

Dive into our diverse range, offering classic designs and unique styles. Choose from unusual eternity rings, captivating emerald cut eternity rings, or romantic rose gold eternity rings. Each piece is expertly crafted in Birmingham, ensuring unmatched quality and attention to detail. Select the perfect eternity ring that mirrors your love, and let it stand as a timeless reminder of your commitment.

Every eternity band is made to order, which means you can have exactly the number of diamonds you'd like. Be picky with the width, if you want to perfectly match existing rings it's not a problem!

If you’re still looking for the perfect eternity ring, whether that’s a classic round diamond wedding ring or a totally unique diamond eternity ring I’d absolutely love to help!

Drop me a line today using the form below & let's find the perfect choice for you!

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