Ethics & Sustainability

In the ever-evolving world of jewellery, there's an increasing awareness of the need for ethically and sustainably sourced pieces. At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, we're at the forefront of this positive change, embracing ethical practices that reflect our commitment to a better, more responsible future.

Collaborative Perfection

The commitment to crafting jewellery in the UK ensures a collaborative process. Designers and goldsmiths work together closely, guaranteeing quality control at every stage. This hands-on approach allows me to ensure the perfection of every piece.

Supporting Local Artisans

Opting for UK-made jewellery supports local artisans and traditional craftsmanship passed down through generations. Your purchase helps sustain these skilled individuals and bolsters the UK's jewellery industry.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Creating jewellery in the UK is synonymous with superior craftsmanship. I work closely with ourgoldsmiths to create pieces that are meticulously detailed and built to last.

Swift Delivery, Low Carbon Footprint

UK-made jewellery offers shorter lead times and reduces the carbon footprint associated with international shipping.

Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery - A UK Love Story

These pieces aren't just crafted in the UK; they're lovingly made here. The commitment to UK craftsmanship stretches back to my family's heritage, dating to the 1950s when my grandparents founded a precious metal casting company.

By choosing UK-made jewellery, you're not only acquiring an exquisite piece; you're becoming a part of a legacy and making a responsible choice for craftsmanship, the environment, and the local artisans who pour their hearts and souls into every piece.

My commitment to UK-made jewellery is a testament to my dedication to quality, ethical practices, and the creation of jewellery that stands the test of time.

The Significance of Ethical Sourcing

Conflict-free diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones are the bedrock of the collection. I believe that no piece of jewellery should carry the weight of human suffering or environmental harm. Our commitment is to adorn you with beauty that reflects your values – values rooted in ethics and sustainability.

Fully Traceable Canadian Diamonds

For those who seek extra assurance, the option of fully traceable Canadian diamonds. Each of these diamonds comes with its own unique certificate, laser-engraved onto the diamond itself with a specific number. This certificate guarantees the provenance of the diamond, providing peace of mind that it was ethically and responsibly sourced.

Rigorous Gemstone Standards

My commitment to ethical and sustainable principles extends to all our gemstones. We uphold rigorous standards when sourcing these radiant gems. Our trusted network of suppliers adheres to these standards, ensuring that the gems we use align with our ethical ethos.

When you choose a piece from Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you're not just wearing exquisite sparkle; you're wearing a symbol of your values – one that supports ethical practices, responsible sourcing, and a sustainable approach to the beauty of the Earth's treasures.

Embracing Eco-Friendly Packaging

My dedication to the environment doesn't stop with just jewellery. All of the postal packaging is eco-friendly. I use recycled materials wherever possible while maintaining the high luxury standards that align with the jewellery creations.

Luxury Jewellery Boxes with a Green Heart

My luxury jewellery boxes are more than just containers; they are statements of my commitment to the Earth. Crafted with care, I use eco-conscious materials like recycled plastics and high-quality recycled leather. The packaging includes FSC®-certified paper.

FSC® Certification: Why It Matters

The use of FSC®-certified paper guarantees my commitment to protecting wildlife and forests. It ensures fair labor practices and respects nature by guaranteeing that no more wood is harvested than can be naturally reproduced. This ethical certification stands as a testament to my dedication to doing what's right for the planet and its inhabitants.

When you choose Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you're not just wearing exquisite pieces; you're receiving them beautifully packaged in a way that's gentle on the Earth. I invite you to enjoy the beauty of ethical luxury – from the inside of the box to the outside world.

Recycled Gold - The Standard

For all wedding rings, I set a high standard by using recycled gold. It's a fundamental choice that aligns with my sustainability commitment, giving you not just beautiful rings but also an eco-conscious choice that reduces the need for further mining.

Fairtrade Gold - Elevate Your Ethical Choice

When it comes to jewellery, the choice is yours. My entire collection is available in Fairtrade Gold. This remarkable option allows you to take your ethical commitment a step further. You can choose from 9ct, 18ct, and 22ct gold, in all colours, to perfectly match your style.

Direct Benefits for Miners and Communities

By choosing Fairtrade Gold, you make a significant positive impact. A portion of your purchase goes directly to benefit miners and their communities.
In addition to this, it guarantees the safety of miners and ensures a minimum age requirement, setting the gold standard for responsible sourcing. Fairtrade gold mines also prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals during mining – a stark contrast to less-regulated mines that pose serious health risks to miners and the environment.

At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you have the power to make a meaningful choice with every piece you wear, supporting ethical values every step of the way.

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Ethical Jewellery FAQs

What is the importance of ethical & sustainable jewellery?

Sustainable and ethical jewellery is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it ensures that the environment is not harmed during the extraction and processing of metals and gemstones. Ethical practices protect workers' rights and promote fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible mining.

Furthermore, sustainable and ethical jewellery helps prevent the trade in conflict diamonds and gemstones, which can fund armed conflicts and human rights abuses in certain regions. It allows you to enjoy beautiful pieces with a clear conscience, knowing that they aren't contributing to these issues.

By choosing sustainable and ethical jewellery, you support the livelihoods of small-scale miners and their communities, foster responsible environmental practices, and ensure that the jewellery you wear carries a positive story of ethical sourcing. It's a reflection of your values and commitment to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Why is UK made jewellery important?

The significance of UK-made jewellery lies in its unwavering commitment to quality. Crafted by skilled artisans and goldsmiths in the UK, every piece reflects precision and attention to detail. This local touch means shorter lead times, ensuring that your bespoke jewellery reaches you more swiftly while reducing its carbon footprint during delivery.

Supporting UK-made jewellery means supporting local artisans and businesses, contributing to thriving local economies. The direct communication between clients and craftsmen ensures a smooth and personalised experience, free from the potential miscommunication challenges that can occur when working across vast distances and languages. UK-made jewellery offers you the opportunity to engage in the creative process, providing as much or as little guidance as you desire to fashion the perfect piece.

Can I request non-conflict diamonds and gemstones for my custom jewellery?

Absolutely! At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, I wholeheartedly support your choice for non-conflict diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. We understand the importance of ethical and sustainable practices in the jewellery industry.

When it comes to diamonds, we offer fully traceable Canadian diamonds, each accompanied by a unique certificate that guarantees its provenance. These diamonds are sourced from mines that adhere to strict ethical standards. By choosing Canadian diamonds, you can be certain that your exquisite gemstone has been extracted responsibly and adheres to all ethical practices.

For gemstones, we hold rigorous standards when sourcing, ensuring that every gem aligns with ethical and sustainable principles. The option for Australian Sapphires & Montana Sapphires means you can be sure of the strict mining practices in place. Our commitment to ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones reflects our dedication to the environment and the welfare of all communities involved in the production process. Rest assured, your custom jewellery will embody the values of sustainability, ethics, and unmatched beauty.

Are your packaging materials eco-friendly?

Absolutely, my commitment to sustainability extends to packaging materials. I recognise the importance of eco-friendly practices, and take this into account in every aspect of business, including packaging. All postal packaging is eco-friendly, incorporating recycled materials wherever possible. I believe that luxury doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment.

My premium jewellery boxes, while being beautiful and luxurious, are also crafted with sustainability in mind. They feature recycled plastics, high-quality recycled leather, and FSC®-certified paper. The FSC® certification ensures that all materials originate from responsibly managed forests, where wildlife and ecosystems are protected, and fair labour practices are upheld.

By choosing my jewellery, you're not only investing in a piece of art but also contributing to a sustainable and eco-conscious future. My dedication to eco-friendly packaging mirrors a commitment to preserving the planet's beauty while offering you a beautiful piece of jewellery.