The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Ring Size: EU, US, & UK Conversion

Struggling to find that perfect ring size for an engagement ring or wedding ring amidst a jumble of different sizing standards? No worries! This guide is your essential resource for understanding ring sizes, whether you're converting from US to UK sizes or figuring out your EU ring size. Let's have a look at simplifying mysteries of ring sizing together!

Ring Sizer for sizing jewellery rings

Understanding Ring Size Standards

EU Ring Sizes Explained

In Europe, ring sizes are typically measured in millimetres based on the inner circumference of the ring, so the ring size will be a number from around 46 to 66. It's straightforward, but when you're eyeing a piece from abroad, you might need to convert ring size EU to UK.

US Ring Sizes Demystified

Across the pond in the USA, ring sizes follow a numerical scale from around 4 to 12, including half and quarter sizes. The 'American UK ring sizes' can be a little confusing when trying to match them to an English ring size, but I'm here to help!

UK Ring Sizes and Their Unique

In the UK, ring sizes use alphabetical letters. Converting ringsize US to UK might seem like deciphering a foreign language, but it's quitesimple once you get the hang of it!

If you know your finger size in either EU or US sizing, but want to convert it to the correct finger size in UK ring sizes just take a look at the chart below.
Sizes have been converted to the closest quarter of a size. If you would like a more detailed conversion please let me know.

How do you measure your ring size correctly?

If you are measuring your own finger size with a ring sizer it’s important to know how to do it correctly, particularly if you are using an adjustable ring sizer. This is because it’s easy to adjust the ring sizer behind your knuckle to what feels comfortable, but then forget that you need to be able to get the ring over your knuckle. This is why I recommend borrowing one of my proper ring sizing kits. You can try on fixed size rings which eliminate the danger of choosing the wrong size.

If you are sizing your finger at home I would always recommend to check your size at different times of the day, because your fingers will be slightly smaller when you wake up I the morning than they will be later on in the day. Choose a size which feels comfortable, but isn’t too loose to slip of when your hands are cold or wet.

If you need any assistance in choosing the perfect ring size, I’m always happy to help.

Need to know what finger size you are?

If you are starting from scratch without knowing your finger size in either UK, US or EU sizing but would like to order a ring you are welcome to borrow one of my ring sizers for an accurate fit.
Some people recommend using string to measure your finger size however in my experience this often ends up with a ring that fits around your finger, but won't go over your knuckle. I'd much rather you measure correctly for the best fit, especially when you are creating a bespoke ring. It is important to ensure a proper fit when ordering a Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring, especially when creating a bespoke piece.
To assist with this, you are welcome to borrow one of our ring sizers for an accurate measurement.

If you would like to borrow a ring sizing kit there is a small deposit of £40, which will be credited against your order upon return.
If you just wish to return the sizer without placing an order, your deposit will be refunded minus £10 to cover postage & packaging.

Average Ring Size for Women and Men

Finding the perfect ring size can be tricky, but knowing the average sizes can give you a great starting point.

For women, the average ring size is M. If your partner is petite with slender fingers, consider starting at a size J. For those of average height and build, an M is a great guesstimate sizeto create a surprise engagement ring in. If your partner is taller or has a larger build, you might want to start slightly larger with an N or O. Remember, most rings are able to be resized easily (and free of charge here at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery).
The most important bit is that it isn’t too small to get on the finger during a proposal!

For men, the average ring size is around an R. A smaller or petite man may find a smaller size such as an O a better fit. For larger men, consider starting with sizes U or above.

From my personal experience, men who aren’t used to wearing jewellery tend to start off with a wedding ring that is slightly too big if they choose the size themselves. This is because it doesn’t feel comfortable immediately and they panic it will get stuck.
The most important thing to consider is that when your hands are cold or wet the ring doesn’t slip off. It has been known on occasions for grooms to lose their wedding rings in the sea during their honeymoon!

Tips for Guessing Ring Sizes

  1. Observe their Hands: Notice if your partner’s hands are slender or more robust to gauge a closer fit. Is the finger slimmer behind the knuckle?
  2. Use Existing Rings: If they already wear rings, take note of which finger they wear it on and get it measured professionally.
  3. Compare to Your Own: If your fingers are similar in size, use your own as a guide. This isn’t precise but can give a general idea.
  4. Use a photograph: If you’re really unsure on finger size for a ring which is a surprise, I’m pretty good at guessing based on a photograph of the person. It’s not an exact science, but I’ve had enough experience in ring sizing to guess in the right ballpark.

Professional Sizing

When in doubt, it’s always best to get professionally measured. At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, I offer precise sizing to ensure the perfect fit. Book an appointment with me, and I’ll help you find the ideal size without the guesswork.

Ring Sizing FAQs

What If I'm Between Finger Sizes?

The sizes on this chart use whole UK sizes, however if you are in-between sizes we can make your ring to a half size, or even quarter size if needed. For example if you aren't sure whether you need a size L or M, we can discuss whether its best for you to have a size L 1/4, L 1/2 or L 3/4.

How Do Temperature and Time of Day Affect Ring Size?

Your finger size can vary slightly throughout the day, making it wise to measure at different times for the most accurate fit. Your fingers will usually be at their smallest first thing in the morning, and get slightly larger throughout the day.
Temperature has a bit effect on finger size, as when your hands are cold your fingers will be a lot smaller than when your hands are warm.

This is why it's important to measure your fingers correctly as we don't want your ring falling off when your hands are cold or wet.
I've lost count of the number of men who have lost their wedding rings in the sea on honeymoon, because they aren't used to wearing rings and didn't want it too tight.

My Ring Has Arrived And It Doesn't Fit. What Can I Do?

If your ring doesn't feel like it fits very well, don't worry! Most rings can be easily sized, however I would first of all suggest you try it on at different times of day to see if fits better when your fingers are cooler or warmer.
If you still feel the ring doesn't fit, just get in touch and I will assist to arrange sizing.
With Engagement & Wedding rings, an initial sizing is provided free of charge where a ring is possible to be resized.

Can I Order An Engagement Ring If I Don't Know The Finger Size?

If you'd like to order an engagement ring without knowing the finger size, it's not a problem.
If you would like to order a ring from The Signature Collection simply order the ring in its existing size, which is an average UK ladies finger size. We can arrange resizing as needed after you have proposed.
If you are creating a bespoke engagement ring, we can choose a size which we are confident will go on your partners finger (there's nothing worse than not being able to get it on the finger during a romantic proposal!) and ensure the design is able to be sized.

Need a little help with ring sizing?

If you're still not sure what finger size to choose, don't worry. Just send me a message below & I'd be more than happy to help.

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