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UK Jewellery Awards Emerging Designer Shortlist

Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year 2024

I’m so proud to share that Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery has been shortlisted for
Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2024.
Follow me on Instagram to find out the winner at the awards ceremony on 26th June.

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Shield Shaped Diamond Necklace in Rose Gold with Brown Diamonds

Unique Jewellery, Made in the UK.

Jewellery is more than just an accessory. Let's create pieces that tell your story and capture your essence.

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  • Diamond Cross Necklace & Cluster Ring


    Crafted by skilled goldsmiths in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.

    My fine jewellery collection is full of elegant pieces. From 18ct Gold and Platinum to GIA certificated Diamonds and Gemstones.

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  • Diamond Set Wedding Ring Stack & Trilogy ring and wedding ring in yellow gold


    Your wedding ring symbolises a love story like no other.

    Explore the collection, featuring unique platinum wedding bands, eternity style diamond wedding rings, and classic gold wedding bands.

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  • Personalised Jewellery with Free Engraving


    Enhance Your Demi-Fine Jewellery with Personalisation.

    Add a unique touch by incorporating initials, birthstones. Create your own unique jewellery with pieces that reflect your story.

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Bespoke Jewellery Design

Looking for something a bit different?

I love to help create pieces of custom jewellery that reflect not just a moment, but emotion and captures the part of your story that makes it unforgettable.Whether it's reinventing heirloom jewellery treasures or creating something new to mark a milestone, I'm here to turn your visions into reality.


Why Choose Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery?

Some Questions I’m Often Asked:

What Makes Bespoke Jewellery Unique Compared to Off-the-Shelf Pieces?

Bespoke jewellery, unlike off-the-shelf pieces, is all about creating something that's uniquely yours. It's not just picking out a pre-made design; it’s about bringing your vision and personal story to life. With bespoke jewellery you are able to add personal touches to your piece, such as engraved wedding rings or birthstone jewellery. Each piece of custom jewellery we craft here in the UK is a testament to individuality and creativity. It's the difference between wearing a piece that could belong to anyone and one that is unmistakably yours.

How Do I Begin the Process of Designing My Own Unusual Engagement Ring with a Custom Jeweller like Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery?

Designing your own unusual engagement ring is an exciting journey! As a custom jeweller, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. We'll start with your ideas – maybe you're inspired by a certain shape, colour, or style. If you’re planning a surprise proposal I love to see a picture of your partner as a way of getting an idea of their style. Then, I’ll help you translate these ideas into a tangible design. Think of it as a creative collaboration between us to craft your dream ring. Take a look at The Bespoke Journey.

Can You Explain the Steps Involved in the Designing of Jewellery, Specifically for Bespoke Diamond Rings?

Absolutely! The designing of jewellery, especially bespoke diamond rings, is a detailed process. Initially, we discuss your vision – the style, the diamond shape, the setting. Then, I sketch some designs, tweaking them until they’re just right. Next comes the selection of diamonds, ensuring they're ethically sourced and of the highest quality. Once you approve the final design after seeing realistic CAD images, we bring your bespoke ring to life, right here in Birmingham in the UK.

What Are the Options for Contemporary Engagement Rings UK Couples Should Consider?

For contemporary engagement rings, UK couples have a world of options! Think beyond traditional designs to more modern, creative styles. You can consider unique settings, unconventional diamond cuts, or even coloured gemstones. Contemporary rings often feature clean lines, minimalist designs, or unexpected details that make them stand out.

How Can I Personalise My Wedding Rings, Like Engraving Wedding Bands or Choosing Unique Custom Wedding Rings?

Personalising your wedding rings is what makes them truly yours. Engraved wedding bands are a popular choice – you can add a special date, a meaningful quote, or even your fingerprints. When it comes to unique custom wedding rings, the sky’s the limit! We can design rings that reflect your personal style, whether it's through the choice of metal, the design, or by adding special gemstones.

What Should I Know About Choosing the Right Materials, Like Platinum Wedding Bands or Gold Wedding Rings, for My Rings?

Choosing the right material for your rings, like platinum wedding bands or gold wedding rings, is crucial. Platinum is durable and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for everyday wear. Gold, on the other hand, comes in various colours like yellow, white, and rose, offering more versatility. Think about your lifestyle, preferences, and budget when making this decision. And remember, whether it’s platinum, gold, or a diamond eternity ring, each material has its own beauty and significance. Take a look at this article on designing your own custom wedding rings.