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Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision, and can be a little daunting especially when you’re looking for something unique. Designing an unusual bespoke engagement ring can be a perfect opportunity to really add an extra personal dimension to what’s already a special purchase. But whilst choosing this you also need to make sure that it’s something timeless that you’ll love forever.
Let’s take a look at the elements to consider before starting to design that perfect ring.

Introduction to Bespoke Engagement Rings

Why Choose a Bespoke Engagement Ring?

In a sea of traditional designs, an unusual engagement ring stands out, marking a significant moment with something genuinely unique. For those who dare to be different, bespoke engagement rings are not just a choice but a statement. Here in the UK, engagement ring designers are crafting pieces that reflect individual styles and stories, making each ring as special as the person wearing it.

The Beauty of Bespoke: Tailoring Your Dream Ring

The best place to buy unique engagement rings is from designers who specialise in creating something one-of-a-kind. Bespoke isn’t just about luxury; it’s about bringing your personal vision to life, ensuring every detail from the setting to the stone reflects your unique relationship and style. By choosing a bespoke engagement ring you can also ensure that you are spending your budget on the elements that are most important to you, whether it’s size, quality or specific details.

Exploring Unusually Shaped Diamonds

Beyond the Traditional: Unusual Diamond Shapes

Forget the standard cuts; unique diamond engagement ring styles feature shapes that capture the imagination. From elegant rose cut diamonds to striking kite-shaped gems, these stones push the boundaries of traditional design.

The Charm of Moval, Baguette, and Half-Moon Diamonds

Each diamond shape carries its own symbolism and flair. A moval diamond, for example, is a cross between an oval and marquise shape, as it’s often elongated it can make the finger appear longer and more elegant, while a baguette shaped diamond is perfect for creating an art deco style engagement ring due to it’s striking long facets.

Custom-Cut Diamonds: A Symbol of Your Unique Love

For those seeking truly unique diamond rings for her, consider custom-cut diamonds that are crafted to your specifications and can be particularly useful when choosing a matching pair of side stones for a trilogy ring. These are the epitome of personal touch, making them a brilliant choice for an alternative engagement ring that truly stands out.

The Magic of Coloured Diamonds and Gemstones

The Rising Popularity of Coloured Diamonds

Brown diamond rings and other coloured diamonds offer a warm, captivating alternative to the traditional white diamond and have become a popular choice among ethical unique engagement rings for their distinctive look and rarity. Coloured diamonds are a perfect choice for an unusual engagement ring as they add a pop of colour whilst maintaining the strength of diamond. A bespoke engagement ring is the perfect chance to explore all of the unusual diamond options out there, and I’d love to help.

Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Spectrum of Colours

From the deep blues commonly associated with sapphires to the vibrant yellows, this gemstone offers versatility. Parti sapphire engagement rings, with their unique colour combinations, are particularly sought after for those desiring an engagement ring that’s truly one of a kind.

Parti Sapphires: A Canvas of Colour in One Stone

Parti sapphires, featuring two or more colours naturally blended within a single stone, make each parti sapphire engagement ring an exclusive artwork. No two are ever the same, providing a beautiful symbol of a couple's unique union. One of my specialities are Parti Sapphire Engagement rings, I often have loose stones available for commissions that I haven’t been able to resist, as well as ready to ship unique engagement rings in The Signature Collection.

Customisation Options for
Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bespoke Ring

From the warm hues of rose gold to the timeless elegance of platinum, the metal of your ring frames your chosen gemstone and sets the tone for its design. In short I would always choose platinum for a silver coloured engagement ring and 18ct gold for a gold or rose gold coloured ring. There are lots of reasons for this and I’ve delved into the metal best options for your engagement rings in more detail in this blog post.

Settings That Showcase Your Stone's Beauty

A well-chosen setting not only secures your gemstone but also enhances its appearance. Whether it’s a vintage-inspired bezel setting or a modern floating design, the right setting can transform a beautiful stone into a breath-taking ring.

Personal Touches: Engravings and More

Engravings add a personal signature to your bespoke ring, whether it’s a special date, initials, or a meaningful quote. These finishing touches make your bespoke piece uniquely yours. Hand engraving is a dying art, but I’m lucky enough to have an amazing hand engraver in The Jewellery Quarter who can skilfully recreate any ideas you might have on your engagement ring. Sometimes a simple solitaire can be turned into something truly special by adding a unique hand engraving to the outside of the band, 

Educational Guide to Choosing Your Ring

What to Consider When Selecting Your Unusual Stone

Choosing a stone for your ring goes beyond just looks. Consider the hardness, origin, and ethical sourcing of the gemstone to ensure it matches your values as well as your aesthetic. Every stone that I source is from stone dealers and cutters that are vetted for their ethics & sustainability, so you can be confident in your choice.

Understanding Ring Settings and Their Impact

The right setting not only protects your gemstone but also influences the ring's overall style and comfort. From claw settings that allow maximum light into the gem to more protective styles like the bezel or rubover setting, each has its advantages. 
I will always advise on the best setting style for your chosen diamond or gemstone. There are lots of things that will determine the best options such as stone size and shape, diamond or gemstone choice, and of course the design and style that you like.

Caring for Your Bespoke Engagement Ring

A bespoke ring requires thoughtful care to maintain its beauty.
The easiest way to keep diamond rings and sapphire rings clean is with a bowl of warm water with a little washing up liquid & a soft toothbrush to brush any build up from the stones.
Regular cleaning, proper storage, and periodic checks with your jeweller will help preserve its condition and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Inspiration and Real-Life Examples

Some Custom Rings I've Created

Here are a few of the specialty engagement rings that showcase the possibilities that come with bespoke design — from super unique engagement rings to classic but unique engagement rings, each tells its own story.

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What to Expect Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

Designing Your Own Unique Engagement Ring: The Process

We take you through the process of creating your dream ring, from initial consultation to final creation, making sure every step reflects your desires and dreams. Read more about the steps involved in creating your dream engagement ring.

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