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Bi-Colour Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring

Bi-Colour Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring

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Parti Blue & White Sapphire Ring Details:

  • 1.51ct Blue & White Parti Sapphire from Madagascar
  • Double Halo of Natural White GVS Diamonds and Blue Sapphires
  • Crafted from Platinum
  • One-of-a-kind Sapphire Ring
  • Sized to your finger size free of charge
  • Presented in a luxury Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery Ring Box
  • Currently Finger Size M

This one-of-a-kind Parti Sapphire cocktail ring is an extraordinary piece of art. Combining a 1.51ct bi-colour blue and white sapphire surrounded by a double halo of blue sapphires and white diamonds, and set in luxurious platinum for a long lasting quality piece of jewellery.
Whether you are looking for a dress ring or an unusual Engagement ring, this unique sapphire cluster ring is ideal for any occasion. As sapphires are a hard wearing gemstone, it's perfect for everyday wear and will be a key piece of your jewellery collection for many years to come.

The ring has been made to an average ladies finger size, which means it should fit most fingers. If you would like to buy this ring as a gift, but aren't sure on finger size simply order the ring as it is in a size M and I can assist you with sizing the ring to the perfect size once you have presented the gift. 

This ring has been especially designed around the unique features of the sapphire. If Using a halo of blue diamonds to enhance the blue colours in the sapphire, and surrounded by a second halo of natural white diamonds to ensure maximum sparkle! 
It's been designed and made in The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham so you can be sure of British made quality.

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Unusual Sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire Engagement Ring FAQ's

How long will it take for my Sapphire Ring to be shipped?

This piece is part of The Signature Collection which means it is already made, and ready to ship. It is currently in a finger size M, however it can be sized for you free of charge. This can be done before shipping (please allow 7 working days) or you can return it to us for sizing at a later date if you plan on giving the ring as a surprise.

What is a Bi-Colour Sapphire?

A Bi-Colour Sapphire or Parti Sapphire as they are also known is a natural Sapphire which has more than one colour within it. The colour change is caused by different elements within the earth that were present whilst the sapphire crystal was forming. This amazing sapphire is from Madagascar and has white and blue colours within it. The beauty of parti sapphires is that each one is completely unique.

Is a Sapphire good to use in an Engagement Ring?

Sapphire is a perfect gemstone to use in an Engagement Ring. This is because of it’s hardness and durability. Sapphires (also known as Corundum) measure as a 9 on the Mohs scale with only Diamond being harder.
A sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice for those who want a coloured gemstone engagement ring!

What colours do Sapphires come in?

Sapphires are a type of gemstone called Corundum. Corundum is formed in every colour from white and yellow to green and the most well known sapphire colour, blue. You can also find red corundum, however this is called Ruby, so the only colour sapphire that you won’t see is Red.
As sapphires are such a versatile gemstone, you can use them to create almost any colour engagement ring. We love to see unusual sapphire engagement rings using green and parti-sapphires to make something truly unique.

What is the best metal for a Sapphire Engagement ring?

Engagement rings are a piece of jewellery that in most cases is worn everyday. This means you need something to stand up to everyday life. If you are looking for an engagement ring which is silver in colour I would always recommend Platinum, like this Sapphire Engagement Ring. This is because it is hard wearing, hypoallergenic, and because it is a naturally white metal it won't require maintenance to keep its bright white colour, unlike white gold which requires rhodium plating.

If you are looking for an Engagement ring which is gold in colour I would suggest 18ct gold. This is because it is made from 75% pure gold, unlike 9ct gold which is only made from 37.5% pure gold, with the majority of it's ingredients made from other metals. 18ct gold has a beautiful warm colour and rarely causes any reactions to the skin. The diamonds in an 18ct yellow gold engagement ring will usually be set in a platinum setting to enhance the white colour of the diamond, however there are cases when setting a stone in yellow gold works better - such as setting a yellow Sapphire. This option is personal preference and you can choose what you prefer.