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0.71ct White Sapphire Emerald Cut

0.71ct White Sapphire Emerald Cut

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Discover the beauty of nature with this exquisite 0.71ct white sapphire, cut in an elongated emerald shape. The unique elegance of this stone is sure to make a beautiful piece. Work with me to design your dream piece of jewellery using the sapphire, or purchase loose to create something at a later date.

This beautiful White Sapphire is available for commissions, enabling you to create the jewellery you have dreamed of. White sapphires are a brilliant way to maximise the impact of your engagement ring, as when set in a halo of small white diamonds they look like a diamond themselves, however offer a lot more stone for your money.

0.71ct White Sapphire Emerald Cut Details:

  • 0.71ct Weight
  • Measures 8.30 x 3.48 x 2.21mm
  • In stock & available for commissions 
  • White Sapphire perfect for an Engagement Ring

Create your perfect White Sapphire Engagement Ring with this beautiful elongated emerald cut stone A White Sapphire is a great way to have a large bright stone, without the budget needed for a diamond of that size. Smaller white diamonds around this sapphire, or a diamond either side to make an unusual Sapphire Trilogy Ring would make an elegant engagement ring. Luxurious and elegant, this elongated emerald cut White Sapphire is the perfect centerpiece for your dream engagement ring. Whether paired with gleaming white diamonds or set in an unusual Sapphire Trilogy Ring, this stunning stone radiates sophistication and craftsmanship. With a White Sapphire, you can have the brilliance and size of a diamond without the high cost. Make a statement and stand out with this magnificent gemstone.

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