What is Fairtrade Gold?

What is Fairtrade Gold?

Ethical Jewellery: A Deeper Look into Fairtrade Gold and Bespoke Designs

Are you curious about what makes Fairtrade Gold more than just a precious metal? Let's dive into the world of ethical jewellery and explore the heart behind Fairtrade Certified Gold.

Fairtrade Gold: More Than Just Gold

Fairtrade Gold stands as the world's pioneering independent ethical certification system for gold. It's not just about gold; it's about creating a positive impact. The standards set by Fairtrade ensure safety regulations in mines, protecting miners and ensuring no child labor is involved. Moreover, a portion of the gold sale funds is reinvested into local infrastructure, fostering education and growth in mining communities.

Supporting Fairtrade Gold means supporting small-scale miners, offering them fair compensation and improving their lives and communities. All our engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, and earrings are available in Fairtrade Gold, showcasing commitment to ethical sourcing.

Ethical Sourcing: Making Informed Choices

As we increasingly prioritise ethical and sustainable living, choosing ethically sourced jewellery becomes vital. Just as we debate the merits of vintage fur versus faux fur, we consider the impact of our jewellery choices on the environment and communities. At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, we are dedicated to offering an extensive range of ethical jewellery, ensuring you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

UK Craftsmanship: A Promise of Quality and Responsibility

All our fine jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings, is crafted in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. We primarily use recycled metals, including platinum and gold, underlining our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, we offer the option of Fairtrade Gold, providing transparency in sourcing and contributing directly to mining communities. By choosing Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, you support a small family business invested in UK-made, ethically sourced jewellery.

Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings being made

Diamonds: A Conversation of Ethics and Choices

The discussion extends to diamonds, where ethical choices matter. Whether natural or lab-grown, the sourcing and environmental impact are crucial considerations. Our natural diamonds are sourced from established dealers committed to ethical practices, following the Kimberly Process. We believe in offering you a range of choices, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and ethics.

Embark on a journey with us at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, where ethical jewellery meets timeless beauty. Discover bespoke designs and Fairtrade Gold, and wear a piece of jewellery that tells a story of love, commitment, and responsibility. Visit our website to explore our collections and make an ethical choice today.

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