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At Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, I believe that selecting the perfect jewellery is a journey, one that should be informed, enjoyable, and reflective of your personal style and values.
My blog is your ultimate resource for insights, tips, and expert advice on everything from the intricacies of custom engagement rings to the elegance of ethical wedding bands.

Discover the Elegance of Simple and Minimal Engagement Rings

Uncover why less is definitely more when it comes to simplistic engagement rings.

Discover Minimal Engagement Rings
Diamond Set Wedding Ring Stack & Trilogy ring and wedding ring in yellow gold

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Read why you should choose Platinum over White Gold, and what is the most ethical option?

Learn About Metals

Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Bespoke Engagement rings have become more popular, and I totally understand why! But how much will they actually sat you back in comparison with an off the shelf option?

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UK Jewellery Awards Emerging Designer Shortlist

UK Jewellery Awards 2024 Finalist!

I am absolutely thrilled to share that Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery has been shortlisted for the prestigious "Emerging Jewellery Designer of the Year" at the UK Jewellery Awards 2024.

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Unique Oval Step Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Make a Lasting Promise with Unique Engagement Rings

Are you ready to take the next step in your love story? It's time to make a lasting promise with a unique engagement ring that perfectly reflects your love and commitment.

Learn About Bespoke

Ethical Wedding Rings: The Perfect Symbol of Love and Sustainability

Discover the best options when looking for the most ethical wedding rings. From recycled gold and Fairtrade gold, to ensuring a transparent supply chain.

Read about our ethics

Maximising Your Engagement Ring Budget.

Read my top tips for maximising your investment in a bespoke engagement ring. Whether you're drawn to the timeless sparkle of diamonds or the unique charm of coloured gemstones, our insights will help you make informed decisions that bring your vision to life, without overspending.

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GIA Certificate for White Diamonds

Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect White Diamond

Choosing a white diamond for an engagement ring can feel like a difficult decision with so much information and opinions out there.
Let's break it down - it's doesn't need to be complicated.

Choose The Perfect Diamond Colour

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond for Your Dream Engagement Ring

Embarking on the journey to find the ideal diamond for your engagement ring involves understanding the Four C's: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat, which we know can feel a little overwhelming especially when you're not sure which one is the most important.
Hopefully our guide will help answer a few of your questions.

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A Stress Free Surprise Proposal

Congratulations on taking the big step towards proposing to your partner! Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task, but with a little guidance and some careful planning, you can surprise your partner with the perfect ring they'll cherish forever.

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Designing Your Own Custom Wedding Rings

Is it easy to get custom wedding rings? With the stresses that come with planning a wedding, you don't need any extra hassle. Here's a quick guide on the easy way to make your wedding bands unique and personal.

Learn How To Design Your Rings

The Timeless Elegance of Sapphire Engagement Rings

We all know Sapphires can be a great option for an Engagement ring, but just why are they popular? And do they have to be blue?

Learn About Sapphire Engagement Rings
Brown Diamond Engagement Ring

The Most Unusual Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings should be a reflection of their wearer and symbolise the relationship between a couple. Making an Engagement Ring unique with an unusual diamond is a perfect way to show your individuality.

Explore Unusual Diamond Rings

Finding Your Dream Engagement Ring in Birmingham: A Friendly Guide for Lovebirds

Discover our hints tips for creating your very own Engagement Ring, made right here in Birmingham

Making Rings in Birmingham

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring For Men.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all engagement traditions. Now, men are stepping up to flaunt their love with style, and why shouldn't they? It's about time we celebrate love in all its forms, right?

Men’s Engagement Rings

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Explore Ethical Choices in Jewellery

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible sourcing, we’re here to shed light on how to choose ethical wedding rings that align with your values. From sourcing conflict-free diamonds to understanding the impact of your jewellery choices, our blog is a treasure trove of information for the conscious consumer.

Your Trusted UK Jewellery Expert

As a seasoned expert in the UK jewellery industry, I, Poppy Elder, bring you the latest trends, timeless advice, and my personal insights to help guide your jewellery decisions. Whether you're beginning your journey towards a bespoke engagement ring or seeking the perfect piece to commemorate a special occasion, our blog is here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us in exploring the beautiful world of fine jewellery. Our blog is more than just a source of information; it’s a space for inspiration, creativity, and discovering the true joy of jewellery.