Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive? Let's Discuss!

Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive? Let's Discuss!

The Journey of Custom Engagement Ring Design: Is a bespoke engagement ring more expensive?

Embarking on the journey to design a custom engagement ring is both an exciting and significant decision. It's a unique expression of love, where every detail reflects the personal story and style of a couple. Interestingly, a survey by The Knot revealed that in 2021, nearly 45% of engagement rings were custom-made, highlighting a growing trend towards personalisation in jewellery. This choice, though filled with creative freedom, also brings with it questions about cost. How much does a custom engagement ring actually set you back? The answer isn't straightforward – it's shaped by a myriad of factors, from the intricacies of the design to the choice of precious stones and metals. In this article, we'll explore these factors and offer insights to help you navigate the financial aspects of designing the perfect ring for your significant other. Let’s enter the world of custom engagement rings, a speciality of mine, where love and craftsmanship meet to create a timeless symbol of commitment.

The stages of designing an engagement ring
Three stages of creating a unique engagement ring.

Overview of Custom Engagement Rings

If you're pondering the idea of a custom engagement ring, you're embarking on a truly special journey. These rings aren’t just pieces of jewellery; they’re deeply personal symbols of love and commitment, tailored to the unique tastes and stories of each couple.

Significance of Budgeting in Custom Ring Design

Now, let’s talk pounds and pence. Budgeting for a custom ring is a bit different from picking a pre-made one off the shelf. It's about balancing your dream design with what’s realistic for your wallet. Let’s dive into what affects the cost and how you can smartly manage your budget.

Are Custom Engagement Rings More Expensive? Let's Bust Some Myths!

Wondering if a custom engagement ring is a pricey affair? Let’s clear that up! Unlike high street jewellers who often charge a premium for custom designs, my approach at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery is different. Custom is what I do best, and it comes without any extra costs.

I specialise in one-of-a-kind engagement rings, so crafting something unique for you is all part of the service – no hidden charges, no extra fees for my design expertise. And here’s the cherry on top: as an independent jeweller, my overheads are much lower than big stores. This means you get a bespoke, top-quality ring that’s surprisingly affordable.

So, when you choose a custom ring from me, you’re not just getting a unique piece of jewellery; you’re also getting value, quality, and a personal touch that you won't find in those larger jewellery stores. It's all about making your dream ring a reality, without stretching your budget.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Custom Engagement Rings

The Impact of Design Complexity

Firstly, the complexity of your design plays a huge role. A ring with intricate details or a one-of-a-kind shape is going to need more work and craftsmanship, which means a higher price tag. A

Choice of Precious Metals

The metal you choose is another biggie. Gold is currently at an all-time high in price, so although Platinum may often be seen as a more expensive option, that’s not necessarily true. I would always suggest 18ct gold over 9ct gold, cue to the purity of the metal.
The biggest factor when looking at the price of metal for a custom engagement ring is the amount of metal that will actually be needed for your design. If you are looking to have a design which is quite chunky it will mean a lot of metal, and therefore your bespoke ring will be more pricey than a more delicate design.

Selection of Diamonds and Gemstones

Influence of Carat Weight on Price

Now, let’s talk bling. The stones you choose, especially diamonds, greatly affect the cost. Bigger carat weight? Higher price.
If you are looking for something with visual impact & want a high carat weight of diamonds you could look for a ring with multiple diamonds. A ring with 3 stones that make up 1 carat will be considerably less than a single stone 1 carat diamond ring.

Cushion & Round Diamonds for a custom trilogy ring
A cushion shaped diamond & two round brilliant cut diamonds chosen for a one of a kind trilogy ring. Perfect to make an impact on a budget.


Considerations for Cut, Colour, and Clarity

It’s not just size though – the cut, colour, and clarity of the stone all play a part. A flawlessly clear diamond will cost a pretty penny compared to one with a few inclusions. Take a look at my guide for maximising your engagement ring budget.

Budget Considerations for Custom Rings

Setting Realistic Budget Expectations

Be realistic about what you can afford. It's easy to get carried away with all the dazzling options, but remember, a beautiful ring doesn't have to bankrupt you. You need to remember this is a ring that will be worn for a lifetime as a symbol of your relationship, so take time to think about what you feel comfortable in spending.

I’m always happy to make a few suggestions to help stretch your budget, without compromising on the end result.

Comparing Costs: Custom vs. Pre-Made Rings

Custom rings can be more expensive than pre-made, but not always. If you opt for simpler designs or smaller stones, you might be pleasantly surprised. I specialise in one of a kind designs, whether they are bespoke orders or part of my Signature Collection, so I have experience in producing custom jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth. Having spent the first 15 years of my career immersed in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter I am well versed in ensuring clients get value for money.
So a custom engagement ring from Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery might just surprise you and be much better value and quality than a pre-made ring you have seen elsewhere!

The Design Process and Cost Implications

Initial Design and Consultation

This is where your vision starts to take shape. Discussing ideas with a jeweller can set the foundation for the cost, depending on how elaborate your plans are.
I usually have an initial informal chat to begin the process. This can be via phone call or video call, or even WhatsApp or email if you'd prefer. Share your ideas & we can take it from there.
Take a look at the Bespoke Journey to learn more about the stages involved to design your own unique engagement ring.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Modelling

Using technology like CAD for a preview of your ring means that you can see a realistic 3D version of your design, before the one of a kind engagement ring is producted. You can make any changes you’d like at this stage, without incurring any more design costs, and be sure of your choice.
If you want to be doubly sure I can also arrange to send you a wax model of the ring before it’s made into the chosen metal.

A Cad wax of a custom engagement ring
A CAD wax shown to a client for a realistic view of the ring design.

Material and Labour Costs in Ring Creation

Wax Modelling and Casting

The nitty-gritty of making your ring, like wax models and casting, involves both materials and skilled labour, which contribute to the overall cost. However my connections within the jewellery trade mean the costs of this will be very similar to those involved with creating an off the shelf engagement ring.

Stone Setting and Finishing

The final touches, like setting the stone and polishing the ring, require expertise, and that expertise doesn’t come cheap. However, this cost is also associated with producing a standard engagement ring.

Additional Costs to Consider

Jeweller's Expertise and Labour Charges

Remember, you’re not just paying for materials but also the jeweller's time and skill – vital ingredients in crafting your dream ring. Luckily for my clients, they get to tap in to my experience of many years designing jewellery collections for large companies. I know the do's and don'ts, and just how to get your dream engagement ring that's unique to you without breaking the bank.

Potential Costs for Revisions and Adjustments

Changes to the design mid-way can add up, so it’s best to be as sure as possible about what you want from the start. The main things that will add extra cost are a change in the size or quality of the diamond or gemstone that you have chosen, or a design change which involves the design needing to use more metal. When designing a ring with me you won't be charged for changes to the design, and I can advise of any cost implications that alterations may have to the finished piece, such as a chunkier ring needing more metal.


Bespoke Trilogy Ring with Diamond Shoulders
A finished diamond trilogy ring after a bespoke design has been created.


Ways to Manage and Reduce Costs

Choosing Cost-Effective Design Elements

Being savvy with your design choices, like opting for a less chunky band or smaller stones, can help keep costs down.

Opting for Less Expensive Stones or Metals

Consider alternative stones or metals. Sometimes, less traditional choices can be both stunning and more affordable. Choosing a gemstone over a diamond can be one way to keep the impact of your ring, without so high price tag.

Balancing Personal Preferences with Budget Constraints

It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your preferences and budget meet. Don’t be afraid to discuss budget openly me! I understand life is full of things that stretch your finances, so I love to help you achieve your dream engagement ring without it feeling like you need to sell a kidney.

CAD Wax, raw casting & finished diamond ring
Three stages of a custom Engagement Ring - Wax, casting & complete.

Embracing the Value of a Custom Engagement Ring Journey

The journey of crafting a custom engagement ring is as unique as the love it symbolises. While it’s true that the cost can vary widely based on factors like design complexity, choice of metals, and the quality and type of stones selected, it’s important to remember the intrinsic value of what you're creating. A custom engagement ring isn't just a financial investment; it's a deeply personal expression of your relationship, tailored to reflect the individual tastes and stories that make your bond unique. Add elements of your personality & relationship at every stage. A personal engraved message inside the ring won’t add much to the cost, but can add huge sentimental value.

How much does it cost to make a custom engagement ring?  

As we've explored, managing the costs involves a delicate balance. From setting a realistic budget and understanding the implications of each design choice, to selecting the right jeweller and materials – every decision plays a role in the final price. But, by making informed choices and prioritising elements that hold the most significance to you and your partner, you can create a ring that's both meaningful and within your financial means.

The rising trend towards customisation in engagement rings speaks volumes about the desire to make this moment truly special. Remember, the worth of a custom engagement ring goes beyond its price tag. It's about celebrating a unique love story in a way that's unmatched by off-the-shelf options. So, as you embark on this exciting journey, embrace the opportunity to create something that speaks from the heart, a timeless piece that symbolises your commitment and style in every facet.


In the end, it’s about crafting something beautiful that reflects your relationship, without stretching your finances too thin. With careful planning and clear communication, you can create a ring that’s both meaningful and affordable. Happy ring designing!

To speak to me about beginning your custom engagement ring journey just use the Contact form or give me a call on (+44) 0121 798 1017. 

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