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Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring

Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring

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This Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring with tapered baguette diamonds is a wonderfully understated and modern 3 stone engagement ring. In an unusual twist, the central Emerald Cut Diamond is set across the finger instead of the more common way of being set down the finger.

Emerald Cut Trilogy Ring Details:

  • Emerald Cut Diamond Centre with Tapered Baguette Side Diamonds
  • Choose your Diamond Size
  • Minimum G Colour & VVS2 Clarity 
  • GIA Certificated Central Diamond
  • Crafted from Platinum
  • Made just for you in The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham
  • Available in 18ct Gold on request

The simple design of this trilogy ring takes into account that it will probably have a wedding ring next to it. The setting is perfectly designed to sit next to a straight wedding band without the need for a shaped wedding band. This makes it so much easier to choose the perfect ring when it comes to wedding planning.

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Engagement Ring FAQ's

How long will it take for my Engagement ring to be made?

Most Engagement Rings are crafted especially for you at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery, which means they will take around 4 weeks to be delivered to you.
The exception to this is Engagement Rings that are part of The Signature Collection. These rings are in stock and ready to ship. Please see the product description for details of each ring’s delivery time.
If you have a special date in mind that you plan on popping the question please let me know before you order & I can check workshop capacity to advise if we are able to meet a shorter delivery timescale than usual.

How do I know that the Diamond is real?

All Diamonds that are used in Engagement Rings at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery are natural diamonds. They are carefully sourced from a network of trusted suppliers who guarantee their diamonds are conflict free & all follow The Kimberly Process.

Any diamond that is over 0.25ct in weight that is used in an Engagement Ring at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery will come accompanied by a GIA Certificate. This is an independently assessed certification that is carried out under laboratory conditions to verify the colour, clarity and overall quality of your diamond. You will also find most diamonds have the certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. This is to allow you to be sure the certificate you have been provided with is definitely for your diamond.

Can I design my own Engagement ring?

All Engagement Rings created at Poppy Elder Fine Jewellery are made specifically for you. This means that you are able to make any changes to the design that you'd like, such as a different diamond shape, a wider band or even a completely new design from scratch.
Just send me an email to with your ideas and I'll come back to you as soon as I can to get started on the plans for your custom engagement ring.

How much should I spend on an Engagement Ring?

A lot of people ask "How much should I spend on an Engagement ring?" and the answer is always the same. You should spend as much as you feel comfortable with.
Of course this depends on the expectations you have on the engagement ring you'd like. However if you have a budget in mind I am always happy to advise whether it is realistic to get what you would like, as well as being able offer suggestions on making the most of your budget.

Remember this is a ring that will be worn for life, so it's important not to cut corners unnecessarily, but you also don't want to start off married life with a financial burden caused by the Engagement ring!

What is the best metal for an Engagement ring?

Engagement rings are a piece of jewellery that in most cases is worn everyday. This means you need something to stand up to everyday life. A silver engagement ring may give you the colour of metal that you like, however sterling silver isn't hard wearing enough to stand up to heavy wear. It is also not strong enough to hold your diamond securely enough to keep it safe should it be knocked.
If you are looking for an engagement ring which is silver in colour I would always recommend Platinum. This is because it is hard wearing, hypoallergenic, and because it is a naturally white metal it won't require maintenance to keep its bright white colour, unlike white gold which requires rhodium plating.

If you are looking for an Engagement ring which is gold in colour I would suggest 18ct gold. This is because it is made from 75% pure gold, unlike 9ct gold which is only made from 37.5% pure gold, with the majority of it's ingredients made from other metals. 18ct gold has a beautiful warm colour and rarely causes any reactions to the skin. The diamond in an 18ct yellow gold engagement ring will usually be set in a platinum setting to enhance the white colour of the diamond, however there are cases when setting a stone in yellow gold works better - such as setting a yellow diamond. This option is personal preference and you can choose what you prefer.

What if I don’t know the finger size for my ring?

If you’ve got no idea on finger size, don’t worry. I can help with getting a good guesstimate if you are getting a ring as a surprise.
Some people recommend using string to measure your finger size however in my experience this often ends up with a ring that fits around your finger, but won't go over your knuckle. I'd much rather you measure correctly for the best fit, especially when you are creating a bespoke ring. It is important to ensure a proper fit when ordering an Engagement Ring, especially when creating a bespoke piece. To assist with this, you are welcome to borrow one of our ring sizers for an accurate measurement.

Want to make your own Bespoke Engagement Ring?Get in touch to arrange a free consultation.